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Cruises, Injuries, and Legal Trouble: What You Need to Know

More than 20 million people go on cruises every year.  Americans of all ages tour the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific, and love the experience. Cruises are a very popular choice for vacationers, and for good reason. Everyone can see the world from a new perspective.

That is not to say that there are no issues, however. As personal injury attorneys, we know that cruises have seen their fair share of accidents of all types. The Berman Law Group wants to help. As part of our dedication to you, we want to help you understand what could go wrong and what to do, should the occasion arise.

Injuries on Cruise Ships

One of the most thrilling parts of going on a cruise is all of the excitement that they have aboard. Zip lines, water slides, and various other activities are part of the attraction of cruises. Many people take part in these attractions with no issue, yet others get hurt.

Cruise ship companies have to abide by the laws of the International Maritime Organization. This means that the crew has to be proactive in making sure that activities are safe. It also means that there should be documentation, with an accident investigation. It is a good idea to get a copy of this.

Before certain activities, you may be required to sign a release form. These release forms are not always legally valid documents. The objective of making you sign this is to intimidate you into not suing. Only in very rare circumstances can you sign away your right to sue.

Getting a report of an accident is incredibly important if you have been injured. You should, however, be very careful about what you say or write. The cruise company may ask you to write a report of what happened when you had your accident. Anything you say may be used against you. It may also be a bad idea if you let a family member write something on your behalf. They may not have the whole story, and the cruise company may use this information to ruin your case.

If you have been injured on a cruise ship, you only have 6 months to contact a maritime attorney. This means that you have to act quickly.

Legal Trouble

Many people view their cruise as a time when they can go wild and let their hair down. While we would never suggest that you should not relax, it is a good idea not to go too crazy with it. If you would not do an activity in America, it is a bad idea to do it abroad.

While it is acceptable to party a little, you should not party so much that you lose your sense of reason. You may find it valuable to recognize your limits. If you are traveling with a loved one, you will want to watch out for them, and steer them away from certain temptations.

There is a very good chance that wherever you are going, certain drugs have been banned. Looking up the drug laws of your destination may save you time and trouble. The cruise ships have a screening for when you step on board. If they find marijuana in your bag, you may be arrested.

If you have been arrested or injured, hiring a lawyer will prove to be a good decision. They can help steer you out of the problems you are in.

The Berman Law Group can be your personal injury attorneys. We have a team of experienced lawyers who know how to win your case. Call us today at (800) 883-5206.