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Avoiding Road Hazards While Riding Your Motorcycle

Although being behind the wheel of a motorcycle can be fun and exhilarating, motorcycle accidents caused 4,976 deaths in 2016. Due to the fact that motorcycles are smaller, less sturdy, and less stable, they are more at risk for being affected by common road hazards.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has created a dynamic defensive driving tool called S.E.E. to inform motorcyclists on what to do when confronted with a motorcycle hazard while riding:

S – Search your surroundings for potential motorcycle hazards. Keep an eye on everything in front of you and to your sides, and check behind your shoulder.

E – Evaluate potential hazards, such as a car tailgating you, someone pulling up next to you on the road, uneven surfaces, or road debris.

E – Execute an action needed to avoid the hazard, such as slowing down, braking or turning.

Read on for common road hazards to avoid in order to stay safe on a motorcycle.

Uneven surfaces

Road debris

One of the most common motorcycle hazards is road debris. Branches, rocks, litter, leaves, gravel, miscellaneous items that have fallen from cars, and any random objects on the road are all factors that could be detrimental to a motorcycle ride. Any kind of debris on the road is enough to cause an accident, so be wary and avoid them if you encounter any while driving.

Slippery, slick roads

If you’re heading out on your two-wheeler after a storm, you must be cautious of this motorcycle hazard. Wet, slick roads caused by rain, snow, ice, and other factors make it easy for you to lose control while driving. Running into any puddles of water as well can cause one to hydroplane. Other things, like oil spills, can be just as much of a hazard. Maintain balance and control while maneuvering slick roads by gripping your handlebars and centering yourself on your bike. Use both your front and rear brakes as well. Go slow, avoid sudden moves, and take your time to prevent spinning out of control or getting into any accidents.

Strong winds

Motorcycles are much more susceptible to being impacted by strong winds than other vehicles. Riders can be easily thrown off balance if they aren’t careful, or if they drive during a particularly windy day. Slow down while driving against strong winds, and try to avoid driving in strong winds at all costs if you can. As well as this, keep your distance from other cars in order to prevent any potential accidents.

Uneven surfacesSlippery roads

If you have to ride over an uneven surface such as a pothole, railroad tracks, or broken pavement, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Slow down upon reaching it.
  • Keep a solid grip on your handlebars, and plant your feet on the pegs.
  • Try to cross it at an angle if possible.
  • Lift yourself slightly off your pegs to absorb shock.

By following these steps, you will minimize any potential impacts by uneven surfaces, as well as help protect other people around you.

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