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Why Are H-1B Visa Applications Down?

2018 marks the lowest number of applicants for the H-1B visa in some time. In fact, it seems there is a downward trend in the number of visa applicants for the last couple of years. Starting with 2017 there were only 199,000 applicants, which was the first year since 2014 having fewer than 200,000 applicants. This year marks an even notably lower number at 190,098. Whether this is the beginning of a downward trend or just a slowdown in applications, many are starting to ask why the H-1B visa applications are down.

Is The US Market No Longer Attractive?

One of the theories for why the H-1B visa applications are down is that there are fewer qualified applicants who are interested in immigrating. After all, the requirements for one of these highly coveted visas is a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field. And, out of the 85,000 total available Visas, 20,000 of those are further reserved to master’s degree applicants or higher. Getting specialized education is tough enough, but how does one qualify?


Of course, others argue that it’s not about the US job market so much as it is about those requirements. Many who would otherwise qualify might question whether they really would have a chance at getting the H-1B immigration visa.

Can You Really Qualify for An H-1B Immigration Visa?

Aside from the education and “specialized” job requirement, one final quality needed for anyone to qualify for the H-1B visa is an earned wage that matches or is greater than the prevailing wage of the county where employment is to take place. This requirement can be difficult to understand for many applicants and could definitely be a cause for concern that has led to the decline in applicants over the past two years. And, this is precisely why it’s important to consult with an attorney before applying for your visa.

Understanding The H-1B Visa

As with any administrative application to the government, applying for an H-1B Visa is not as straightforward as you might hope. Without a clear understanding of how the visa application process works, it can become difficult to know where to go. In the past, there is some suspicion that companies have hired workers under the H-1B program and used them for purposes other than was stated, which has also led to a crackdown by the current presidential administration.

With all of this in mind, it’s more important now than ever that you seek qualified legal advice when applying.

Working With An Experienced Law Firm

Ultimately, one of the most likely reasons for the decline in H-1B visa applications is not due to a lack of qualification, but rather due to a lack of trust in the system. Many qualified applicants are unclear about what it takes to qualify and what they need to do to have the best chances. And, with a lottery system enacted after such high demand, some might feel the application process is hopeless. With the right attorney on your side, this is not the case.

H1B Applications

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