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Your Guide To Cell Phone Driving Laws In Florida

When you’re driving, paying attention to the road is a serious matter. No one should ever let themselves get distracted. In some states, laws around cell phone use while driving can be steep, but relatively speaking, cell phone laws in Florida are pretty lax. Still, if you’re on the road, it pays to understand Florida cell phone laws. Beyond just understanding the law, it helps to also know some of the details around it. How much is a cell phone ticket? Or, how many points will I get for a cell phone ticket? Today, let’s take a look at how the law works and answer some of these important questions.

Driving Cell Phone Laws In Florida

Unlike most states, Florida cell phone laws in 2018 still have very few restrictions on cell phone use while driving. Texting in any form, whether sending or reading a text, is definitely prohibited. Similarly, reaching for your phone or using it for other purposes can result in a traffic violation. One unique thing about Florida cell phone driving laws is that they can only be looked at as a secondary offense. What does this mean to you as a driver?

Driving Laws

What’s A Secondary Offense?

When it comes to getting a cell phone ticket, Florida has pretty clear laws. One of the most important Florida cell phone laws is that you cannot be pulled over simply for using your phone. Instead, an officer must have a prior reason to pull you over and the cell phone ticket would be added in. In other words, you would have to have committed another traffic offense to be charged for a cell phone violation.

How Much Is A Cell Phone Ticket

According to Florida cell phone law 2018, there are certain limitations placed on how a ticket works and how many points it can add to your record. Considering cell phone laws in Florida, let’s first consider this…how much is a cell phone ticket? Remember, using your cell phone while driving is a secondary offense. Depending on the other violation, you might also get a $100-$200 fine for texting. The next question you might ask from there is: how many points will I get for a cell phone ticket? Like the first question, this can vary based on circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. If it’s your first cell phone citation, no points will be added.
  2. Are you in a school zone? If you are caught texting while pulled over here, you’ll have two points added to your license.
  3. Were you involved in an accident? If it’s found you were using your cell phone which resulted in an accident, you could have as many as six points added to your license.

Navigating Florida Cell Phone Driving Laws

When you consider the relatively lax nature of Florida cell phone driving laws, you really shouldn’t be receiving a ticket unless you were doing something wrong. However, just because something shouldn’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t. Often times you are left at the mercy of an overzealous officer if you don’t understand your rights. Should you receive a cell phone ticket, Florida law offers the opportunity to seek representation to ensure you get treated justly. If it’s found that the ticket was wrongfully written, you could even reverse the ticket and erase the points entirely. This is where an experienced law firm comes in handy.

Florida Cell Phone Driving Laws

If you’re having trouble navigating Florida cell phone laws in Florida and need some assistance with a driving case involving your cell phone, remember to call an attorney you can trust. The experienced attorneys at The Berman Law Group are available to fight for your rights and ensure you get the representation you deserve. Call today at (800) 375-5555 for a free, no-obligation consultation.