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4 Free Apps to Help Avoid Drunk Driving

In this day and age, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to drink and drive. If you decide to have a few drinks and get behind the wheel, you are essentially asking to receive a DUI. While you should always have a fun time when you go out, you should also make sure to always be responsible.

There are endless ways to avoid driving while under the influence, from having a designated driver when you go out to choosing to stay at a friend’s place rather than go home. Not only these, but you can use apps on your phone to help prevent any temptation to take the wheel when you’re intoxicated. Keep reading for four free apps to avoid drunk driving.


Available on: iOSAndroidWindows Phone

Price: Free

Tried and true, Uber is hands-down the most popular ridesharing app out there. No matter where you are, the app tracks your location and hunts down nearby drivers to safely drive you to your destination. The price you pay for your ride depends on how far your driver goes and the amount of time it takes. Set up your account before you go out, and feel secured that you’ll get home safe no matter what.

SaferRideMobile apps to prevent a DUI

Available on: iOSAndroid

Price: Free

If you can barely walk in a straight line when you’ve had a few drinks, forget knowing how to even operate a phone. The SaferRide app is meant to be an easy-to-use tool to get you home safely. The app’s main screen has three buttons with options to choose from: “Get Taxi,” “Call Friend” and “Where Am I?” The “Get Taxi” option lists nearby taxi options, “Call Friend” allows you to call friends to come to pick you up, and “Where Am I?” tracks your location.

Have A Plan

Available on: iOSAndroid

Price: Free

Just like its name, this helpful app encourages everyone to “Have A Plan” if they are drinking out and about. Not only can you add different contacts and numbers to reach out to if you’re ever too drunk to drive, but Have A Plan’s “get a ride” feature tracks your location and gives you numbers of local taxis. You can also manually add in the number of drinks you’ve had to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC), read up on different DUI facts, and also use the app to report a drunk driver.


Available on: iOS

Price: Free

The federally-funded ENDUI app strives to do exactly that – put an end to DUIs and drunk driving. You set up your profile by adding your gender and weight, and the app uses that information to determine your BAC after you manually add in the number of drinks you have had.Avoid driving drunk with these apps

If your BAC is over the legal limit of .08%, the app will give you the number of a designated driver or taxi. It also has games to determine one’s ability to drive (ENDUI makes sure to state that the games are solely for informational use), such as testing one’s reaction time with a brake button and a stop sign.

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