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Avoiding a Labor Day DUI

Labor Day falls on September 3rd this year. It’s a great day off a work where you can spend time with friends and family catching up and having fun. Unfortunately, on the other hand, it is also one of the biggest DUI days of the year. If you’re not careful, you can go from having fun and drinking in the afternoon to being behind bars in the evening. Here’s our guide to avoiding a Labor Day DUI.

How To Avoid Getting A DUI

There a number of things you can do beyond just the obvious – albeit valuable – advice to simply “be responsible.” Among these are to:Safety tips to avoid a DUI on Labor Day

Set up a sober ride beforehand

Don’t wait until you are at a party and drunk to start looking for a sober person to drive you home. Find a sober driver well before you go out and start drinking. Waiting will limit your options and, if you are buzzed or drunk, may put you in a position in which you end up making the poor choice to drive anyways.

Plan to use a ride service

Cabs, driver services, and even ride-share services are all operating in major (and smaller) cities this weekend. So, explore your options, get some phone numbers (and possibly cash) ready to have on hand. You can rely on these options for rides if you can’t find a sober driver and you end up needing one at any point this weekend (or whenever you may be stranded somewhere drunk).

Bring phone numbers for taxi services just in case

Have numbers for taxi services on hand, and consider downloading ride-sharing apps so you have a few options for ride services. Since the chances are that a lot of people will likely be looking for sober rides at the last minute, it’s smart to have at least a few options on hand for ride services if you plan on using one.

Plan to stay somewhere for the night

Though this option may be less ideal for some than finding a way home, paying for a hotel room or arranging to stay with friends/family is still a far better option than waking up in jail and potentially facing DUI charges. In fact, given that a DUI case could cost about $10,000, springing for a room (even if it’s a few hundred dollars) will obviously cost you far less than a DUI.

If You are Arrested for A DUI On Labor Day

Here’s what you will need to know:How to avoid a DUI during Labor Day

  • You will likely remain in jail until Tuesday (regardless of whether you are arrested Friday evening or any time through the rest of the holiday weekend). This is because jail officials will be on holiday and will not be available to process you until Tuesday morning.
  • Just because you have been arrested for a DUI does not mean you will necessarily face DUI charges or be convicted of drunk driving.
  • The single best thing you can do following a DUI arrest (or any arrest) is to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney who can protect your rights and help you resolve the matter.

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