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Chaos on I-95

Earlier today, all lanes of I-95 were closed near Lantana Road. Anarchy broke out after a man shot and killed a woman in Lake Worth before jumping in his car. From there, he careened all over the highway, causing several accidents and injuries until his reign of terror was brought to an abrupt end thanks to the actions of a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy.

The suspect may have been involved in another shooting on Tuesday night. They allegedly shot a woman before putting her in their black Nissan Rogue. The car was going south in the northbound lanes and nearly caused more fatalities.

Due to the suspect’s erratic driving, they crashed nearly head-on with three separate cars. Thankfully, the victims of car accidents only sustained minor injuries. Six to eight vehicles were involved in a crash of some kind in the northbound lanes, and one vehicle caught fire.

In an attempt to stop the suspect, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper pursued the suspect until they could stop their car. They got close enough to use a taser. Recognizing that the taser would not be enough to bring the spree to a halt, the patrol trooper was left with no recourse but to use their firearm.

The suspect was shot and killed. The unidentified woman in the car also passed on. Police have chosen not to reveal the names of the suspect nor the police officer who used their firearm.

The 1-95 Northbound from Lantana Rd. to 6th Avenue will be closed for the rest of the day. Use the Florida turnpike if you are heading north.

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