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5 Ways to Strengthen a Child Custody Case

Fighting to win a child custody case in the middle of a divorce can be draining, stressful and heartbreaking. Both you and your ex-spouse are trying your hardest to look like the best parent and present a winning case to the court. You know you absolutely need to have the outcome come out in your favor – you aren’t willing to give up your children.

You have experienced enough heartache and suffering by going through a divorce. Now, you’re putting yourself first to win custody of who you love most in this world. Because of this, you may be wondering “how do I win my child custody case?” The Florida family law attorneys at The Berman Law Group can help. Here are five ways you can strengthen a custody battle.

Maintain a Healthy Home Life

During a divorce it is important to remember that you’re are first and foremost a parent. When you are with your kids, spend as much time with them as possible. Make sure you are helping them with homework, assigning them chores, and being there for them emotionally. Additionally, try to make this new change as painless as possible for your kids, because toxicity and hostility can have a big impact on them as they grow up.How to Strengthen a Custody Battle Case

Have Open Lines of Communication

No matter where the relationship stands, keeping open lines of communication with your partner is important when trying to strengthen a custody battle case. One of the most detrimental decisions both parents can make is refusing to properly communicate with their former spouse about what is going on with their children. The judge’s final decision can be influenced by finding out one of you has made communication a hassle, or that communication has been cut off entirely.

Negotiate With Respect

It can be tempting to insult your ex-spouse in front of the court and go into details about everything he or she does wrong as a parent. However, this is definitely not the route you should take. Not only may it not work out in your favor, but it will not be taken well when trying to build your case. Florida’s legal system often tries to implement co-parenting whenever the possibility arises. But you will not get custody or even have the possibility of co-parenting if you are acting up and causing a scene.Win Your Custody Battle Case

Keep in Mind What Not to Do

As mentioned before, it’s important to avoid creating any more tension in the court by bringing down your spouse. On top of this, you want to make sure not to get into any legal trouble, either. Abstain from any risky behavior, like drug or alcohol abuse, that could lead to your arrest during this time period. Make sure to also follow any court orders that are given, such as temporary custody orders. Refusing to follow anything that is assigned will show poorly on your part to the judge, potentially affecting the final decision.

Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney

One of the best decisions you can make when trying to strengthen your custody battle case is hiring a knowledgeable Florida family law attorney who will relentlessly fight for you to win. The Berman Law Group will do exactly that for you, being on your side and fighting to make sure you have the strongest case in your custody battle. Our firm’s experienced and dedicated South Florida family law attorneys will be by your side every step of the way. Call us today at (800) 883-5206 for a free consultation.