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Back-to-School Injuries Parents Should Know About

The 2018-2019 school year is about to get back in full swing this week for most South Florida schools. For most parents, there is a sense of relief knowing their children are finally going back after three long summer months. However, no matter how safe one’s school may seem, there’s always that concern in the back of a parent’s mind that their child could be injured due to a school’s negligence. Children are more prone to accidents since they are typically clumsy and more likely to be unpredictable with their actions.

There are usually two things that come to mind when getting a phone call from your child’s school: either they’re hurt, or they’re in trouble. While The Berman Law Group can’t help with your child’s behavior, we certainly can help if they are injured at school. Keep reading to learn the back-to-school injuries parents should know about.

Injuries from a School’s NegligenceGirl on playground

You need to show evidence that the party showed negligence that ultimately led to your child being injured to successfully hold a party liable if your child is injured at school. Your kids can be injured or have an accident due to negligence in their school’s staff members, such as teachers and janitors. Some examples of accidents that can be caused by negligence in schools include but are not limited to:

Slips and Falls

Schools have the duty to be safe and without dangerous conditions, just like any other type of property. Wet floors should be dried promptly, or there should be a sign that warns students the area is wet and unsafe. If a student suffers a slip and fall if there are a lack of proper precautions taken for dangerous conditions, a school has the ability to be found negligent.

Playground Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emergency rooms tend to more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries annually in the United States. Playground injuries can be from climbing monkey bars, climbing equipment, or swings. Injuries can vary from minor cuts or bruises to being as extensive as broken bones or brain trauma. Injury rates are highest for climbing equipment, ranging from monkey bars to swings. Lack of supervision, a disorganized playground or failing to train employees properly is a school or school district’s fault.

Sports InjuriesSchool Injuries to Be Aware Of

A school may be liable for sports-related injuries if they result from negligent coaching, hazardous premises, or inadequate supervision. It is a coach’s job to know how to train and oversee sports practices and games to avoid preventable accidents. For example, a coach may be liable for a brain injury if he or she forces a player back on the field too soon after a previous head injury.

School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents can take place in the form of a vehicle crash, injuries either getting on or off the bus or a lack of student supervision. In the case of a school bus accident, determining if it is the school or bus company that is the party that is liable will depend on the type of accident that occurred.

Seeking a Personal Injury Attorney

The dedicated and experienced South Florida personal injury attorneys at The Berman Law Group can help if your child experiences an injury at school. We are ready to take on whatever personal injury case you come to us with, and we will be by your side no matter how extensive or stressful it may seem. Contact us today at (800) 883-5206 for a free consultation.