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How Social Media Can Undercut Your Personal Injury Claim

According to a new study, 68 percent of adults use Facebook, 35 percent are on Instagram, and 24 percent are on Twitter. Social media has taken over our world. It’s how we communicate with friends and family, how we showcase our travel memories, and how we build our businesses. But, if you are in the middle of filing a personal injury claim, social media can undercut your chances of receiving compensation. Let’s take a deeper look into how social media can hinder your personal injury claim.

When Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury claim is a legal process with the goal of gaining financial compensation for anyone who has suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own. This includes physical or psychological injury or illness. Many people think they can only file a personal injury claim if they have experienced physical harm, but a psychological injury is just as substantial in the courtroom.

Keep Your Life Private

Social media is fair game for anyone trying to build a case against you. You don’t want to portray a happy and healthy life if your goal is to receive compensation for a physical or psychological injury. In order to win your personal injury claim, making your life as private as possible. Switch all of your social media accounts to private and be alert of the pictures and statuses you are posting. The other party may still be able to use your posted content against you even after switching to a private account. Furthermore, ask your family and friends to refrain from posting pictures of you until your claim is settled.

Medical Compensation

This is the most common area of compensation people are seeking. The plaintiff wants to be able to establish that if this incident had not happened, he or she would not be injured or unhealthy. It will not look good if you are posting pictures of your backpacking trip on Instagram after claiming you’re injured and unhappy. This can easily sway a judge away from your favor and undercut your personal injury claim.

How Social Media Can Help

If the defense is eagerly seeking posts to hinder your case, then your representation can do the same. For instance, you might be filing a personal injury claim because of a car accident that you are not at fault for. If you discover pictures on Facebook of the defendant drinking an hour before the accident this can help convince a jury that the driver is at fault for possibly driving under the influence.

Deleting Your Social Media Accounts

After reading about the negative impact of social media on your injury claim, you might be tempted to delete social media altogether. This may not be the best strategy for your case. This can be misconstrued as intentionally destroying evidence and could look guilty. It is best to abstain from social media, keep your accounts on private, or even suspend them – but don’t delete them.

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