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5 Myths About Florida Workers Compensation

When you get injured due to the work that you do, you may be able to claim a certain amount to compensate for your loss of income and medical bills. This is what worker’s compensation is all about in a nutshell. Worker’s compensation in Florida, also known as Florida’s Worker’s Compensation Act, was codified under Florida Statue chapter 440. This act ensures that insurance companies cover the full medical bill and partially lost wages of an injured employee if the cause is due to workplace accidents.

No-Fault System: Worker’s Compensation in Florida

In Florida, the worker’s compensation act is a no-fault system. This means that you will be able to claim compensation regardless of who or what caused the accident. The only important detail is if it happened while you are performing work. If you got injured while doing tasks under the scope of your employment, you might be able to claim worker’s compensation.

Common Myths about Worker’s Compensation in Florida

The nitty-gritty details in workers comp vary depending on what state you are in. As an employee, it is essential that you know the basic facts about worker’s compensation in Florida. There are a lot of worker’s compensation myths going around, so it is best to educate yourself about workers comp to know what you should do once get faced with this dilemma.

Here are some of the common myths about Florida worker’s compensation that you should take into consideration:

  • Your employer will file all necessary paperwork to help you claim your worker’s comp.

While your employer is required to file the first report of injury to the state, they aren’t required by law to do all necessary paperwork to make sure that you get the worker’s compensation claim. You or your representative should do all the necessary legwork to claim an award for worker’s compensations successfully.  

  • You are entitled to pain and suffering.

Florida does not provide awards for pain and suffering. No matter how much damage you think you’ve experienced because of the accident, the court does not grant additional compensation under pain and suffering.

  • You can pick your own doctor and/or medical treatment.

If the insurance company or employer is going to foot your medical bill under worker’s compensation, they have the right to choose the hospital and doctor you are going to be treated under. You may be entitled to change your physician once, but the insurance company or your employer still has a say on your overall medical treatment.

  • If you have no insurance, you will not be able to claim your worker’s compensation.

This is untrue, as employers are actually required to have insurance for worker’s compensation under Florida law if they employ more than four people. Even without insurance, you may be able to claim your award from the employer’s fund.

  • Worker’s compensation only covers your current injury.

If you get injured again and again because of the nature of your work, your case for worker’s compensation will get stronger.

Find the Best Workers Compensation Attorneys in Florida

The amount you will get for worker’s compensation depends upon the severity of the circumstances and the strategy of your legal representative. Make sure that you get the most experienced worker’s compensation attorneys in Florida. Approach The Berman Law Group now and see how we make worker’s compensation claims successful.