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Five Ways to Scare Away a Lawyer This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a magical time, full of spooky surprises that are certain to entertain the whole family. Not all spooky surprises are such fun, however. If you are a lawyer, there are certain things a client can do to send chills down your spine and send you running to the hills. Here are five ways to scare away a lawyer this Halloween.

Your Case is Flimsy

One of the biggest reasons a lawyer may shy away from representing you is that your case may be too challenging to litigate. This is especially the case when it comes to liability. If a lawyer has a difficult time determining who should be held liable in your case, the likelihood of a settlement is lower.How to Scare Away a Lawyer

Your Case is Unwinnable

Even if a case is flimsy, you may be able to find a lawyer who is willing to take a chance and represent you. If your proposed lawsuit is so risky, however, that it is practically unwinnable – you may scare pretty much every lawyer away!

Many firms accept clients on a no win, no fee contingency basis, meaning if your case is more likely to fail than succeed – you just aren’t worth the monetary risk. This is especially true if there is little hope of a settlement being reached. So, before you start searching for an attorney, ask yourself this one key question: “how strong is my case, really?”

You Present a Conflict of Interest

Lawyers and conflicts of interest don’t mix, so, be wary. If an attorney has already agreed to represent someone who you plan to enter litigation against, they will not agree to help you as this is a direct conflict of interest. Similarly, if you are preparing to sue, or enter litigation against someone who the attorney has represented in the past, expect most attorneys to reject your advances, as they do not wish to have conflicting interests.

Bad Publicity Can Scare Away a Lawyer

You also can scare lawyers and firms away by the prospect of bad publicity If the circumstances of your case may paint the firm in the wrong light, or perhaps scare other clients away, expect an attorney to reject the opportunity to represent you in order to preserve their current clientele and reputation. For example, TMZreports that at least eight law firms have rejected Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in his quest to sue the NBA because they think he’s “toxic.”

Being Unlikeable

Scaring Away a LawyerYou know that saying “maybe she’s just not that into you?” Well, the same thing applies to lawyers as well. For attorneys, taking on a new client means spending extended time with them. If they perceive that maybe you are obnoxious, needy, difficult to communicate with, or anything else off-putting, they may just refuse to represent you. If you strike out, however, you can always try again.

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