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How to Change Your Name While Transitioning

Going through a gender transition can be overwhelming, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. You have likely been going through this process for a while now – talking and visiting with doctors, going on various hormones specifically for your needs, and deciding on what name will fit you perfectly. If you’re a bit confused on how you will be able to legally change your name, The Berman Law Group has all the information you need to know. Keep reading to learn how to change your name while transitioning.

Petition for a Name Change

Since you are not changing your name because of a marriage or divorce, this means you will need to petition a court to do so. This legal proceeding is separate and it can take some time to prepare for. However, with a trusted Florida LGBT attorney, you will be able to easily maneuver the process. On top of this, Florida’s name change law requires anyone who is petitioning to change their name to pass a background check. Once you pass the background check, you will need to add the following information to your name change petition:

  • Date and birthplace
  • Your father’s name
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Proof of residency in the United States
  • That you have no illegal reasons or ulterior motives for changing your name
  • Your current place of employment and any previous places of employment
  • If you have ever gone to jail or received a criminal conviction
  • If you have ever filed for bankruptcy
  • Any name changes in the past
  • Former residences
  • Court judgments you have against you

File Paperwork with Government Agencies

When your name change has been legally acknowledged in the eyes of the law, you still have a few more steps to take. Your driver’s license will most likely still be under your old name. To change this once and for all, contact your local Florida DMV.  As well as this, you will need to change other records as well. You will need to update your voter registration, so you should go online and ensure that is promptly taken care of. When you do, you will need to also change your social security card. You will be able to take care of that at your local social security office.  

Make Your New Name KnownHow to Change Your Name While Transitioning in Florida

Changing your name will feel more real the more you start using it. Once your name is officially changed, make sure you let everyone know. Update your social media platforms, any online accounts associated with your old name, as well as any subscriptions you may have to a newspaper or magazine. On top of this, make sure to inform your family, friends, colleagues, employers, coworkers, etc, of your new name. Let them know of any new pronouns you are now going by, as well.

Seek a Florida LGBT Lawyer

Assembling the necessary paperwork, going to court, and filing the required documents with government agencies can be time-consuming and stressful. Look no further than a trusted Florida LGBT attorney to help make this time in your life as exciting and smooth as you deserve it to be. The Berman Law Group can help facilitate the process, and we will be by your side every step of the way. Contact us today at (800) 883-5206for a free consultation.