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Tips When Filing Hurricane Property Damage Claims

2017 proved to be an incredibly active hurricane season, leaving many confused when summer 2018 was relatively quiet. However, the idea of a calm hurricane season was shot down when Hurricanes Florence, Isaac and Helene decided to make surprise appearances. With Hurricane Florence’s impact on the southeast coast this past week, many are left wondering what to do about hurricane property damage claims.

Hurricane Florence brought catastrophic storm surge, flooding, life-threatening conditions and 32 deaths to the Carolinas (and counting). On top of this, forecasters are saying that floodwaters are continuing to rise. Hurricane season doesn’t officially end until November, so there is still a chance for more storms to form and impact Florida. Here are tips The Berman Law Group wants you to know when filing hurricane property damage claims.

Hurricane Insurance Property DamageHurricane Property Damage Claims

First off, before a hurricane hits, make sure to take inventory of all your possessions. This includes your property and all their estimated values. This is to take precaution in case anything is damaged or destroyed, so you are not stressed doing a last-minute inventory. If you experience property damage from a hurricane, follow these tips to start filing a hurricane property claim:

Contact your insurance company immediately.

Insurance companies will make their first post-storm visits to the areas which incurred the most damage. If you need to file a hurricane property damage claim, make it a priority to get on your insurance company’s claim list as soon as you possibly can.

Get a claim number.

Whatever you do, don’t lose your claim number. It will be a handy resource if you ever have any questions. Don’t forget to ask how long it may be for an insurance adjuster to reach out to you. Depending on how serious your damages and claim are, it could be months before they do so.

Properly document any and all damage to your property.

Your insurance adjuster will be able to determine the best claim estimate for your damage with the more documentation you have of your damage. Take large amounts of photos and videos from different angles. As well as this, keep records of any personal items that may have been damaged by the hurricane.

Document all expenses related to repairs.

Don’t make giant repairs to your property damage until an insurance adjuster has visited your home and completed their inspection. Make small repairs in order to be more comfortable and prevent any more damage from occurring. Alongside this, save every receipt that is related to repairs made. This includes staying at a hotel if you are not able to live at home, and even food.

Contact a Property Damage Attorney

If you have any questions regarding hurricane property damage claims, do not wait to seek legal help. The Berman Law Group’s property damage attorneys are aggressive and dedicated. If you need a lawyer for your property damage claim in Florida, you can trust in our legal counsel to help facilitate the process of filing hurricane property damage claims. We will be by your side every step of the way. Call us today at (800) 883-5206 for a free initial consultation.