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Criminal law is the field of law that relates to harm to people or property. The Florida legislature and the court system have established varying levels of punishment for criminal offenses, ranging from monetary penalties to life in prison. For the most serious crimes, such as homicide, the state of Florida reserves the death penalty.

People commit crimes for many different reasons. There are crimes of passion, where emotions overcome someone and they commit an act that they would not otherwise do. Some people commit crimes recklessly. This means that they do not recognize that they are endangering other people or their property. Finally, there is crime with intent. When someone plans to commit a crime, even if they have not done it, they have violated the law.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a competent and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Florida. The Berman Law Group is here to help. We routinely represent Floridians throughout the state who have been accused of criminal actions.

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What You Need to Know about Criminal Law

If you have been accused of violating the law, the prosecution has the burden of proof. That means that the authorities must prove that you have done something wrong. There is a concept called reasonable doubt. If there is reason to doubt that the prosecution conclusively proved you committed a crime, then you cannot be found guilty. In the court of criminal law, it is important to remember that you have rights. You are protected by the Constitution. Authorities may not search your belongings without a warrant. They must not compromise your health and safety when they interrogate you.

Police, law enforcement, and prosecutors might violate your rights. If they do so, you may be able to fight the prosecution’s case more effectively. When it looks like the evidence is stacked against you, there is still a way to win the case. A jury of your peers decides whether or not you are guilty. A good lawyer can show them how to interpret the facts and the evidence of your case. There is more to criminal law than guilty and not guilty. Sometimes, a dismissal or reduction is possible, which is why we try to fight for that from the start. If a dismissal or reduction is not an option, we can negotiate with prosecutors concerning a settlement or a possible reduction in the sentence.

Types of Criminal Cases

At The Berman Law Group, we offer the whole gamut of criminal defenses.

This can include charges such as:

In addition to helping our clients before and during a trial, we are also committed to their long-term well-being.

This is why we also offer services that include:

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Having defended clients for everything from common misdemeanors to first-degree felonies, our attorneys understand what it takes to win your case. When you are facing criminal charges, hiring a second-rate lawyer is not an option. Instead of settling for someone else, you can allow our experienced, resourceful, and aggressive Florida criminal defense attorneys to fight for you.

We understand that your case may have effects on your life far beyond what happens in court. That’s why we work to build a custom defense strategy for you. Because we take a collaborative approach to your defense, we listen to you to really understand your situation. We have experience defending clients throughout Florida and would be honored to take on your case.

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