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Experienced Family Law Attorneys

As one of the leading family law firms in Florida, The Berman Law Group is here for you during this difficult time with experienced divorce attorneys. When you are going through a divorce, there are several factor that come into play. Some of the most common factors that must be considered are:
· children
· co-parenting
· short- and long-term financial health
· liabilities and assets
· future earnings
· support
Dissolution of Marriage

A dissolution of marriage is a difficult time for individuals regardless of whether you have been married 1 year, 10 years or 50 years. Our clients and their respective spouses feel pain, stress, resentment, anger, frustration, etc. All of these emotions are counterproductive to rational thought and the ability to realize a solution. It is our mission help our clients during these times. We will work with our clients to resolve temporary issues as soon as possible and minimize any emergency situations. Then, your team of divorce attorneys work together to take any and all steps necessary to reach closure of all issues with as little stress as possible. As family law divorce attorneys, it is our job to focus on the issues at hand, offer sound legal advice, and provide our client’s with a viable resolution.
Respected Family Law Lawyers

In order to prevent any unnecessary drama, which creates unnecessary fees, your family law divorce lawyer works hard to maintain professional relationships with opposing counsel, the courts, and our clients. Through direct communications with opposing counsel, your divorce lawyer will explore avenues for an expedited settlement. We also strive to maintain a respected relationship with the courts by being forthright in our dealings with the family law judges and their judicial assistants. Finally, your family law divorce attorney takes great pride in being accessible and informative to each client.
Family Law and Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is when both spouses and their counsels are given an opportunity to negotiate a settlement with the assistance of a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Mediator. By participating in family law mediation, clients are afforded an opportunity to resolve all or some of their issues without having to go through divorce court. This often allows clients to craft resolutions more appropriate for their lives than a judge would be able to do under Florida law. In addition, mediation allows all parties involved to have significantly more control over the terms of the divorce. However, if the mediation is unsuccessful and a resolution is failed to be reached, litigation may be the only choice for your divorce lawyer.


Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the termination of a marital union, the canceling and/or reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country and/or state. (Wikipedia)
The decision that your marriage has ended is one of the most stressful and difficult decisions you will have to make in your life. The death of a marriage can be a traumatic experience for some. For others, it is a welcomed relief. Whichever the case may be for your particular situation, if you are considering the possibility of a divorce or your spouse has served you, seek the advice of someone who has gone through the process before. As The Berman Law Group, we will represent your interests with compassion and professionalism, and give you the most cost-effective advice to get you through this highly emotional and stressful process of divorce.
You most likely would never do your own dental work, or set your own broken leg. Nor would most of you change the engine in your car. Why would be try to get a divorce without consulting an attorney?
Avoiding the Common Mistakes in Divorce

It is so easy to make a mistake that can have serious consequences when going through the divorce process. The advice from a Divorce Attorney can help give the foundation and understanding of the realities you may expect in the divorce process.
ALWAYS consult an attorney, even if you choose not hire one. You will never know what you are missing until you sit with an experienced attorney.
Don’t listen to your Spouse. In most cases, your spouse is trying to provoke a NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. When he or she states “you’re not going to get alimony” or he or she states, “you will never see the children again,” does that mean it is true, or are they simply just trying to inflict as much harm on you as possible? This goes back to rule #1; ALWAYS consult an attorney!
Don’t listen to your friends or family as to how your divorce “should” be, unless that family member or friend is a licensed Florida Attorney that practices Family Law. Many people were divorced in other states; some were divorce when the laws in Florida were different. Their facts and circumstances do not apply to yours. Their opinions on how it should be do not always agree with the law. This in turn causes people to take untenable positions.
Don’t sign anything. Do not agree to anything until you know what you are entitled to in the divorce. In addition, do not rely on your friends, family, or spouse as to what you are entitled to in the divorce. This goes back to rule #1; ALWAYS consult an attorney!
Unless you have some serious problems, you are entitled to time-sharing with your children, even if you have made mistakes in the past.
Don’t get involved in useless emotional banter with your spouse or other people close to your spouse. You do not want your words used against you in Court.
Don’t text message or e-mail something you do not want to come out in Court. This is the easiest form evidence that can be admitted. Put a passcode on your phone. Do not let your significant other text message the person you may be litigating with. The ugly text message your girlfriend/boyfriend may send from your phone will be considered your text message.
You should always be aware of the pictures/videos that you and your friends/family are posting on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other Social Media sites with you in the content. You certainly do not want anything that may be damaging to you during a custody battle uploaded. Family and friends should understand this.
Dig into your joint finances sooner than later. You should know how much money you have, where it comes from, and where it goes. Gather documents, download statements, and make records of unknown account numbers.
Gather important documents and make copies. Some documents you just want to secure: passports, birth certificates and other original documents that are hard to replace.
Secure those personal items that you do not want to come up missing: jewelry, collectibles, family memorabilia, old photos, and anything else that you know if it was lost or stolen would be would cause you sorrow.
Make a list of what you want from your divorce, as to the children, as to support, as to equitable distribution, and why you think you deserve it. This will be a road map for you and the attorney.
Get familiar with the Florida Financial Affidavit, as you will eventually need to complete it.
Understand what needs to be resolved and how the court system analyzes divorce. Each divorce is unique. You will find the common elements of divorce in the acronym P-E-A-C-E. You many have none of these issues or you may have all of these issues. You should ask yourself, which issues is the most important to you, and what can you do to prepare yourself for this divorce and to achieve your goals?
P = Parental Issues – developing a parenting plan, parental responsibility, time-sharing and all the other issues about the child or children. Covered under Florida Statute 61.13
E = Equitable Distribution – the division of the parties’ property and debt. Covered under Florida Statute 61.075
A = Alimony – determining support needs of the parties. Covered under Florida Statute 61.08
C = Child Support – who will pay child support and how much. Covered under Florida Statute 61.30
E = Everything else – Attorney Fees, name change, and anything that is not covered in the areas above.
Trust an Experienced Divorce Attorney/Divorce Lawyer to handle your Divorce Case

Florida Law on divorce is not easy and has difficult rules and procedures. Do not do it alone. We always offer a free consultation. There is no better way than sitting down face-to-face with us to learn what your rights are and to get what you deserve. If you are reading this, we are sure you know someone, a friend or family member, that has a horror story regarding their own experience. That is why you should always consult an attorney that practices Divorces and Family Law and nothing else. Someone like the attorneys at The Berman Law Group.


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