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LGBT Family Law

Florida LGBT Family Law Attorneys

Representing LGBT Families throughout the State

About 4.2% of Floridians identify as LGBT. Our concept of family is constantly evolving. A new legal field has arisen, which concerns the legal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people. The Berman Law Group has stayed abreast of all developments in this area of family law.

Thanks to Obergefell vs. Hodges, same-sex couples may now legally marry throughout the U.S. While this is exciting news, this carries many legal consequences that are not immediately obvious. At The Berman Law Group, we have unique insight and experience concerning LGBT legal services. We look forward to discussing your case with you.

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Second Parent Adoption

A second parent adoption is the only option for both parents to have legal rights to care for the child for many couples. There are many same-sex couples who parent their children together. Legally speaking, the person with the biological connection to the child is considered a parent.

If you are not biologically related to the child and you have not adopted him or her, you have no legal rights to the child. A second parent adoption allows someone who is not related to the child to adopt him or her. An adoptive parent has the same responsibilities and rights as a biological parent. This would include the ability to see them should they have to stay in the hospital and the duty to care for the child.

Second parent adoption is a formal and legal process. There is an array of legal documentation necessary to adopt a child. The Berman Law Group has the knowledge on how to guide you through the procedures. We can help you gather the documentation necessary for adoption. Our Florida LGBT family lawyers are very familiar with the courts and have established working relationships with Florida judges.

Custody & Visitation Orders

When it comes to custody and visitation orders, same-sex couples encounter certain difficulties that other couples do not. Adoptive parents have the same rights that biological parents do. Case law is somewhat thin concerning custody and visitation orders for same-sex couples. This means that judges have not had enough time to rule on cases and establish a clear precedent.

The Berman Law Group stays up to date on the most recent information concerning same-sex parental rights. Navigating and protecting your rights should be a huge priority. Many attorneys lack exposure to this developing field and cannot assess and advise you through your case properly. There are many alternatives for people who are going through this process. We are here to pursue the best course for you.

Prenuptials, Divorce & Separation Agreements

Same-sex marriage has equivalent standing with heterosexual marriage. That means that all of the legal rights that come with opposite-sex marriage are also the exact same for same-sex couples. The Berman Law Group can assist you with your prenuptials, divorce, and separation agreements when they concern same-sex couples.

Prenuptial agreements help prepare for the division of property. When you do not have a prenuptial agreement, you do not always know the results of a divorce. Certain factors – such as economic circumstances, the duration of the marriage, and future educational and career opportunities – are all weighed by the judge. The consequences of a divorce may not be in your favor without a prenuptial.

There are many considerations in a same-sex divorce. Civil court action, the distribution of property, and child custody are all important. The Berman Law Group has the legal resources necessary to explore your options with you. A considerable amount of people think that divorce is the only option, but The Berman Law Group can guide you through mediation and separation as well. There are ways of settling this out of court. We look forward to discussing your options with you.

Separation may be your choice. This agreement lays out the details of the rights and responsibilities of both people in the same-sex couple. This is not the same as being physically apart. You may not live in the same house, but you are still subject to property division. It also means that you are partly responsible for the debts that your spouse may incur. Getting legal representation will make your duties towards each other clear.

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