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Florida Paternity Attorneys

Establishing Legal Paternity

Paternity law involves the legal recognition of a father and his relationship with his biological children. An example of a paternity suit is when a child’s paternity is being questioned, or if a father denies it, the mother can file a lawsuit with the help of Florida paternity lawyers to receive child support from the alleged biological father.

Genetic testing is used in these cases in order to determine the father of a child. Although paternity law can be one of the most confusing and complicated branches of law that any Florida family law attorney can face, with the right legal services from a paternity lawyer, going about it becomes much easier.

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Different Types of Paternity

There are four main kinds of paternity that experienced Florida paternity attorneys will work successfully with.

These are:

  • Presumed fathers: The man who is presumed to be the father of a child is called a presumed father. To be considered a presumed father, one must have been married to the child’s mother when they were conceived and/or born, attempted to marry the mother when the child was conceived and/or born, married to the mother after the child was born but agreed to have his name placed on the birth certificate and/or pay child support payments, or have welcomed the child into his home after birth and openly acknowledged the child as his.
  • Acknowledged fathers: The biological father of a child who legally acknowledges he is the father.
  • Unwed fathers: Someone who impregnates the mother but does not marry her or claim any of the responsibilities or rights of a father.
  • Equitable fathers: Someone who is not the biological or adopted father, but who is either acknowledged as the father by himself and the child, wants to have the rights offered to a father, or is willing to take on child support payments.

Presumed paternity is the category of paternity most men that end up dealing with paternity law fall into. It is the paternity law category that requires the most experience to deal with, as it can be tricky and is highly debated.

Establishing Paternity

Among the many ways to establish paternity, some of the most popular include a blood and DNA test, the parents signing a “recognition of parentage,” or “declaration of paternity,” or the parents deciding to place the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate. Establishing paternity with qualified and experienced Florida paternity lawyers identifies the legal father of a child and gives rights and benefits to the child, father, and mother.

Some of the legal rights and benefits a child has are:

  • Parental support, such as child and medical support
  • Knowledge of their father’s identity
  • Their father’s name on their birth certificate
  • Parental health or life insurance
  • Family medical history information

On the other hand, when paternity action is taken, both the mother and father get legal rights and benefits as mentioned above.

Among these legal rights that can be brought to life are:

  • A court order for shared time with their child
  • Receiving a child support order
  • The father receives child custody and visitation

However, none of this is possible unless paternity is officially legally established from the help of Florida paternity lawyers. If a child is born to a mother and alleged father who are not married, the child does not technically have a legal father. Married parents and their child have all rights stated above, and paternity does not have to be established for them.

Time Sharing

In Florida, the court creates a parenting plan and custody determination rather than the state. This means each parent has time sharing with their child/children. The court considers several factors when establishing time-sharing schedules with parents.

Among these include:

  • Work schedules
  • Living accommodations
  • Any criminal history
  • The child/children’s best interest

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