South Florida Employment Immigration Lawyers

South Florida Employment Immigration Lawyers

The immigration process is often difficult and overwhelming. This is true for everyone involved, from those immigrating to family, significant others, friends, and even business associates. This last category, business associates, brings with it a unique set of challenges and complications. We can be your South Florida Employment Immigration Lawyers.

These complications are especially present in South Florida. We are a major center of international trade and investment, from the global hub of Miami through Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. This means that having an experienced and capable employment immigration lawyer is not just a smart idea, it is a necessity.

This is where The Berman Law Group enters the picture. We have a team dedicated to South Florida, and to Miami employment immigration visas of all shapes and sizes. We can make the process of immigration as smooth and as simple as the law allows.

Find important information on various employment immigration visas below. Contact us today if you would like more detailed information or if you would like a free employment immigration consultation.

E2 Visas

Often called the “treaty investors visa,” the E2 visa is a smart choice for entrepreneurs or investors. This is due to its quick processing time and its indefinite duration. Many E2 visas are processed in a month or less and they can be extended as long as your business or investment remains active.

There are, however, some E2 visa requirements that must be met to qualify.

First and foremost, the country you are emigrating from needs to have an E2 treaty with the United States. While most countries do, there are some notable ones that do not. China, India, and Russia, for example, do not have E2 treaties. Investors from these countries are better off using an EB5 visa, which will be explained later.

The next E2 visa requirement is the investment amount. While there are not exact figures on how much must be invested, it must be substantial. This will vary on a case-by-case basis, which is one reason having experienced E2 visa lawyers is so important.

Next, you must have started to invest a significant portion of the capital in the United States before your E2 visa will be granted. This is one of the many reasons the immigration process can be difficult.

Contact us today if you need E2 visa lawyers in Miami or South Florida.

EB5 Visas

EB5 visas are more complicated than E2s, but offer several benefits for investors with substantial capital. The first area that bears examining are the EB5 investment amounts.

EB5 requirements stipulate a minimum investment amount of $1 million into a for-profit commercial enterprise. This investment can be decreased to $500,000 if you are investing in something called a targeted employment area. These are rural areas or locations with high unemployment rates. The form of your investment can vary, but should include money, real property, equipment, or certain types of equity.

Another EB5 requirement is that your investment must create ten full time jobs. These jobs can be created anytime within the first two years of your conditional permanent residency. The jobs can be direct (produced by the investment) or indirect (produced as a result of investment income).

Due to these requirements, retaining an EB5 attorney is an important part of the immigration process. Our staff of expert attorneys are here to help make sure your EB5 investment is protected and your residency status is secured.

Other Immigration Employment Visas

In addition to both the E2 and EB5, there are many other E-type visas. These include the EB1A, EB1B, EB1C, EB2, and EB3 among others.
The EB1A visa is awarded to people of extraordinary ability in a given field. The field can be business, science, education, art, or athletics. In order to qualify for this type of visa, you must meet three criteria from a list of ten. The processing time for EB1As is quick, often under a month.

The EB1B visa is similar to the EB1A, but reserved for distinguished professors and researchers. These individuals can be academics in any field. In order to qualify for an EB1B, you must have a minimum of three years teaching or research experience and hold a tenure track position. The processing time for EB1Bs is also incredibly quick.

The EB1C visa is also similar to the EB1A and EB1B, but tailored towards business executives and high-level managers. To qualify for an EB1C, the individual emigrating must have been employed with their current business for a minimum of one year. Additionally, the company sponsoring must have conducted business in the United States for at least a year and have a qualifying relationship with entities in a foreign country.

EB2 visas are granted to people of exceptional ability or professionals holding advanced degrees. In this way, it is comparable to the EB1A visa, but requires labor certification. The EB3 visa is awarded to skilled, unskilled, and professional workers emigrating to the United States.

L1 visas are awarded to employees transferring between two branches of the same company. This type of visa is similar to the EB1C visa, but differs in a number of key ways. Within the L1 class, there is the L1A visa and the L1B visa. The L1A is for intracompany transfer of executives, while the L1B is for employees who possess special knowledge.

Finally, there is the H1B visa, which is sometimes called the specialty occupation visa. This option is designed for those who are employed in a field which requires a Bachelor’s degree. It is valid for three years from the time of entry and can be renewed for an additional three years.

Regardless of the type of visa you choose, you will need an experienced South Florida or Miami employment immigration lawyer. This is where The Berman Law Group becomes a valuable resource. Our attorneys are practiced, skilled, and deft at maneuvering through the entire immigration process.

South Florida Employment Immigration Lawyers

We have helped many and we can help you. Contact us today for a free employment immigration consultation. When you need South Florida Employment Immigration Lawyers, call 1-800-375-5555.

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