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Accidents like slips and falls can happen anywhere, from your workplace to a random commercial property. When one incurs injuries from slips and falls, the usual next step is to file a personal injury case and seek reasonable compensation. However, fault and liability must first be established in the court.

If you have fallen on a property that belongs to another and you think that the unsound structure or environment might have been the cause of your injury, then you might be able to file a personal injury claim against the property owner with a slip and fall attorney.

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Determining Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

Determining who is at fault in slip and fall cases is decided in the court of law. There are many factors that might affect liability in slip and fall accidents. It can be the clumsiness and carelessness of the plaintiff, or the unsafe conditions on the property.

In most cases, the owner of the property can be held liable if a dangerous condition on his or her property caused an accident. Some examples of these conditions are improperly waxed floors, weak and old floorboards, inadequate lighting, and poor maintenance of the property.

It must be proven that the property owner:

  • made or created the dangerous condition,
  • knew the dangerous condition existed and failed to correct it, or
  • should have known about the dangerous condition given the length of the problem’s existence but still did not correct it

What You Can Do After You Have Had a Slip and Fall Accident in South Florida

Opposing slip and fall attorneys will not be afraid to accuse you of pretending to be gravely injured just for a smidge of compensation. In order to protect yourself against such accusations, you need to be able to show that you are a credible and reliable plaintiff.

After the accident, make sure to seek medical attention immediately. Not only will this help you understand how to heal, this helps in the court of law. For the purposes of the court, it is a good idea to collect as much documentation of medical ailments as possible. You can take photos, ask for witnesses’ contact details, file an accident report, and save or take a photo of the item that caused your fall.

To make your case stronger, it is advisable that you file your slip and fall personal injury case as early as possible. It would be difficult to win a case and gather evidence if you file the case months later, when your injury has been fully healed, and the cause of the accident has already been fixed. In the State of Florida, a statute of limitations exists. This means that residents have a limited amount of time in which they can file a claim.

boca raton slip and fall lawyers

Seek the Help of Experienced and Reliable Slip and Fall Lawyers in Palm Beach County

Liability in slips and falls can be difficult to determine without a lawyer. There are specific pieces of evidence that need to be acquired. In addition, it is a good idea to follow specific chains of logic.

If you are considering filing a slip and fall claim, think about hiring the attorneys of The Berman Law Group. We have won more than $200 million for our clients in personal injury claims. The lawyers of The Berman Law Group take the time to listen to you.

The Berman Law Group have experienced and aggressive accident attorneys. We have successfully represented many clients who have accidentally fallen. The next successfully slip and fall case could be yours.

We have offices throughout Florida, with our main office conveniently located in Boca Raton.

Call our Slip and Fall Attorneys today at 1-800-375-5555. You may have a case.

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