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Whether you are seeking compensation after an accident/injury, looking to file a class action lawsuit, filing for divorce, fighting criminal charges, or navigating a business dispute, we are committed to providing outstanding legal services to our clients in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Berman Law Group provides a range of legal services in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, California, New York, Nevada and Washington, D.C. We understand the issues that many of our clients face throughout the course of their case and are here to support you the entire way. Our experienced and persistent attorneys are here to obtain the best results for you and your family.Deerfield Beach

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Injured in an Accident in Deerfield Beach? We Can Help

If you have recently had an accident, we can help you fight the insurance companies. The insurance companies are not your friend. They will use anything you say against you, which is where we come in. We will fight for you and your family to receive maximum compensation for your injuries. We work with your doctor to build your case so you can win the maximum settlement amount. If we don’t think the insurance company is being fair, we will even litigate your case. All at no cost to you upfront. We only win when you win. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everything worked like this? We will be your advocate and know through our experience settling car accident cases in Deerfield Beach how to get the best results for our clients.

We Are Deerfield Beach Car Accident Lawyers

We have the team to support you through the entire personal injury process. We work with to find the best medical team to treat your injuries that is also convenient to you. Many times after an accident, driving is no longer an option because your car has been completely destroyed. We can help you get a rental car through your insurance company and also help you fix your old car. We will be with you and your family the entire auto accident recovery process. Have a question? Send us a text or email. We are always just a phone call away ready to assist in anyway possible.

Should I hire a Deerfield Beach Auto Accident Attorney?

While many people may think that going the process alone would save them money in attorneys’ fees down the line, an experienced car accident attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida, can actually save you money. An experienced law firm will know how to go for maximum compensation and be able to recover more than someone with no experience dealing with the insurance companies. Experience is everything in the personal injury industry. Knowing how much each injury is worth and also being able to ask for more than the insurance policy is part of what makes a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach more of a necessity than an option.

Why do I have to go through my insurance if I was not at fault?

Florida is a no-fault state. Which means that every driver must carry their own insurance policy. Personal Injury Protection or PIP is required in every insurance policy in the state of Florida. The minimum required amount is $10,000, which can be used after an accident to treat any injuries to the driver, children, members of the same household, and some passengers. If you are a passenger with your own insurance policy, you may be able to use your policy. One of the reasons why Florida requires this, is because determining fault in an accident can sometimes take many months of back and forth with the insurance companies, local police, local government to acquire camera footage of the accident, and other factors. To ensure that all injured parties have access to medical care, the State of Florida made Personal Injury Protection a requirement for all drivers.

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Just as the name says, uninsured motorist coverage, helps protect you in the event you have an accident with someone who has no insurance. Unfortunately, there are many uninsured drivers in the state of Florida, which is why we recommend all drivers to have coverage for uninsured motorists. You can purchase coverage for different amounts, which will protect you if you are not at fault and have an accident with an uninsured driver.

When Should I hire a Deerfield Beach Auto Accident Lawyer?

Due to the complexity of Personal Injury Law, it is recommended that you call an experienced car accident lawyer in Deerfield Beach, Florida, immediately following any accident. An accident attorney can help you ensure your case is well documented and establish fault. Also, beware of speaking with the insurance companies on your own. They can and will use anything you say or post on social media against you. The Berman Law Group has been fighting for injured since 2008 in Deerfield Beach, Florida and nationwide.

What are the requirements for a Personal Injury Case?

There are 3 basic requirements that must be met to file a personal injury lawsuit in Deerfield Beach, Florida. First, you must be injured. This is the personal injury part, and you are not able to file a lawsuit if you have not been injured. Second, you must not be at fault. If you are at fault, you can still receive medical care and be reimbursed for your costs by using your Personal Injury Protection benefits, but you will be unable to file a lawsuit for injuries if you are not injured. Third, there must be an insurance policy to go after. This means that the other driver must have insurance or you must have uninsured motorist protection. Without any of these 3 things, you can’t hire a car accident lawyer in Deerfield Beach to file a lawsuit on your behalf.


Deerfield Beach Personal Injury Law FAQ's

Get yourself to safety. Get everyone else involved to safety. If there are any injuries (yourself or any other party or passengers), call 911 and request immediate medical attention. Even if there are no injuries that you notice immediately, call 911 to report the accident and request an officer on the scene of the auto accident. Obtain a police report which might take a few days to process. Monitor your health closely in the next few days and seek immediate medical attention if necessary. If your injury is minor and not life threatening, a walk-in clinic will serve your needs and will be much less expensive than an emergency room visit at a traditional hospital. Do not speak with any insurance company representatives or adjusters as they are known to try to confuse and trick car accident victims into taking a lesser settlement amount than what might actually be fair. Call a qualified car accident attorney to discuss your accident details and determine next steps.

A personal injury lawyer is someone who is qualified to fight on your behalf. If you have sustained a physical or psychological injury, or if you have experienced an economic or reputation loss as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, you may be entitled to compensation. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis – rather than getting payment upfront for services rendered as in most other types of law, personal injury attorneys receive a percentage of the settlement in the case of a won case or dispute. Personal injury lawyers are attorneys who specialize in tort law (the category of legal practice that pertains to civil wrongs as in corporate disputes, car accidents, auto vehicular injuries, and more). Personal injury attorneys go through rigorous training to become officially licensed. In the United States in particular, one must earn their bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree prior to passing a bar exam to be licensed to practice law.

A competent personal injury attorney will look out for your best interests and fight for your rights, often in the context of a physical, psychological, or financial injury. As you seek a personal injury attorney who is right for your situation, make sure to read about previous clients’ experiences with the law firm. Clear and effective communication, similar case wins, and transparency in all matters are key qualities to seek in a personal injury attorney. Check the attorney’s credentials and ensure that they are indeed bar certified. If the potential attorney checks these boxes, take them up on their free consultation offer (most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation to review your options and next steps). During this consultation, clearly discuss fees and payment prior to any agreement or work. Though most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, some attorneys may have hidden fees that you must pay even in the case of a loss. Open and honest dialogue upfront about your case and expectations will help ensure a smooth experience for both you and the attorney.

The rates for a personal injury attorney’s work are typically standardized by the state bar. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay the attorney if they are able to win your case. Most personal injury attorneys charge 33 1/3 percent of the settlement (in cases that are settled). The percentage increases to 40 percent in cases in which lawsuits are filed and must be resolved in the court system.

– What are your fees and percentages you charge?
– Are you licensed to practice ____ law in ____ state?
– If I lose my case, will I be responsible for any fees or charges?
– What are my responsibilities as your client?
– What are your responsibilities as my attorney?
– Have you worked on similar cases to my situation?
– Do you have an estimate of how long it will take to resolve a case like mine?
– Do you anticipate my case going to trial?
– Have you ever gone to trial for a case similar to mine?
– Who will be handling the majority of my case work?
– Who will be my contact and what type of communication should I expect with them?
– What should I reasonably expect as compensation for my injury?

Most personal injury lawyers do not charge a fixed fee. Deerfield Beach personal injury attorneys have a standard percentage set by the Florida bar – which is 33 1/3 percent of case winnings for a case that gets settled outside the court system. If your case requires litigation and goes to court, the percentage is slightly higher at 40 percent of case winnings.

Pain and suffering refers to any mental or physical distress you may have sustained from your car accident. To pursue compensation for your pain and suffering from a car accident, you must first determine the seriousness of your injuries. A qualified personal injury attorney can be beneficial in figuring the worth of your injuries as insurance companies are known to underestimate the monetary value of car accident injuries. More often than not, insurance companies tend to try to trick car accident victims with low ball offers for compensation for pain and suffering. Having a qualified personal injury attorney fighting for your best interests will help you navigate the tricky waters of insurance company dealings. Personal injury attorneys rely on their expertise and experience to determine the maximum reasonable sum to pursue for your injury.

To make a claim against another driver and their insurance company, the other driver must be at fault for the accident in which you were injured. Typically, the determination of fault is decided by the police officer who responded to your accident. Whichever party is listed first on the accident report is typically the one to whom the responding officer assigned fault. If you are unsure about which party was at fault for the accident, discuss your situation with a qualified attorney. If the other party is determined to be at fault, you must then compile any and all the evidence that you were injured – and more specifically that you were injured as a result of the other party’s negligence or wrongdoing. Evidence can include but is not limited to: eyewitness testimony, dash cam footage, surveillance video footage from nearby security cameras, medical records, medical receipts, police report, and photos of the injury and accident.

As experts in tort law, personal injury lawyers have the potential to maximize the compensation you may receive for your injuries. Furthermore, the right personal injury attorney will make the process easier and quicker. Though you have to split your winnings with a personal injury attorney (if you choose to hire one), you will likely be pursuing a much higher dollar amount with a qualified attorney fighting on your behalf than you would fighting the insurance company independently. There are several reasons you will be able to pursue a higher amount with an attorney by your side – insurance companies will take your claim more seriously and attorneys have the experience and expertise to know how much your injuries are actually worth and how to expertly negotiate your claim. With their expertise and experience comes a more speedy process as well – personal injury claims are time-consuming due to the tedious paperwork and outreach involved in gathering evidence, submitting claims, communicating with insurance companies, etc. A qualified personal injury attorney will know how to navigate each step of the process in the most efficient and effective manner for your particular situation. Last but not least, having a qualified personal injury attorney whom you can trust to fight on your behalf dissolves much of the stress and exhaustion that comes with filing an insurance claim. A qualified attorney will take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders so that you may focus on healing and moving forward from your accident.

In most rear ending accidents, the driver who rear ended you will be at fault. Assignment of fault to the other driver by the responding police officer enables you to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. A personal injury attorney may prove to be invaluable throughout this process. A qualified attorney will ensure that you do not accept any low ball offers from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A lawyer can help you negotiate fair compensation for your injury that covers medical costs, lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, and more.

No two cases are the same, and a proper estimate of the worth of your neck injury or back injury will depend on many factors. If you have experienced whip lash, stretched or torn ligaments or muscles in the neck or back, or other spinal cord related injury, reach out to a qualified attorney for an initial consultation to discuss your injury and its potential dollar worth. Typically speaking, if your neck or back injury is debilitating and/or requires an invasive procedure, you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, even smaller injuries such as whiplash or torn ligaments and muscles may qualify you for compensation. Speak with a qualified attorney to discuss the circumstances of your accident and severity of your injuries to form a reasonable expectation for the outcome of your case.

If you have sustained severe or life threatening injuries during your car accident, seek immediate medical attention at a nearby emergency room. If your injuries are minor or you just need to have a wellness check after your auto accident, consider opting for a walk-in clinic. Walk-in clinics tend to be significantly cheaper than traditional emergency room care.

You should call a car accident lawyer immediately following a car accident if you have been injured and were found to to be not at fault for the accident. A qualified car accident attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and guide you through the complex process of submitting an insurance claim for your auto accident injuries.

Do not post on social media about your condition. Some insurance companies go as far as checking for a wellness update on car accident victims’ social media accounts to prove that your injuries aren’t all that bad. Do not give them any information to misconstrue or use against your claim. Do not speak with any representatives or adjusters from the insurance company – let a qualified personal injury attorney handle all communication with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are skilled and experienced at manipulating victims of car accidents to provide statements about their injuries that may decrease your chances of obtaining fair compensation. A qualified car accident lawyer will be able to handle all insurance dealings so that you may focus on healing and moving forward from your auto accident injuries.

If you were injured in a car accident and found to be not at fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You should call an auto accident injury lawyer to review your car accident details and determine how to move forward with your insurance claim.

When seeking a car accident attorney, you should do your homework to ensure that the attorney you choose is reliable, qualified, and has a good track record. Start with online reviews from previous clients of the car accident lawyer you are considering. Check for qualities such as clear and timely communication, accessibility, and overall client satisfaction. Once you find a car accident lawyer who sounds reliable based on reviews, schedule an initial consultation with the attorney. Most car accident attorneys offer a free initial consultation to review your case details and determine next steps. During your initial consultation, clearly communicate all relevant details of your car accident and discuss payment and fees. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you won’t pay anything unless they win your case (in which case you would pay a percentage of your win). Ensure that the attorney you are considering has no hidden fees – ask them if you will owe anything if you lose your case and don’t recover anything from your claim.

It is highly recommended that you call a personal injury attorney immediately after a car accident. Insurance companies have been known to use tricky tactics – calling incessantly, recording every word you say hoping for you to admit you’re not as hurt as your claim indicates, trying to get you to admit fault for an accident you didn’t cause. The insurance adjusters contacting you are doing everything they can to justify a low ball offer for your claim. Once you accept their low ball offer, you are signing off your right to pursue fair compensation for your pain and suffering. A qualified car accident attorney will help you navigate the tricky waters of dealing with insurance companies and will be invaluable throughout the process of gathering evidence and submitting your claim.

If you were minorly injured in a car accident, you may still be entitled to compensation. Since every case and injury is different, you should consult with a qualified car accident attorney to determine the proper settlement amount to pursue. Typically, settlements can be as little as $2,500 for some very minor car accidents, or even upwards of $25,000 for other minor accidents. If you sustained severe injuries that necessitate surgery or other specialized care, your injuries may be worth even more. Consult with a qualified attorney about your circumstances for a more exact estimate.

In Florida, the average settlement for a car accident amounts to about $15,000. If you or any passengers sustained severe injuries due to the car accident at the fault of the other driver, the settlement amount may be much higher.


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