Major Issues People Face in Family-Based Immigration Cases in Florida

Few states have as rich and diverse a population as Florida. With a vibrant array of cultures, this is truly a magical state to call home. For many, however, bringing their loved ones to the Sunshine State can become a nightmare due to a number of critical problems and concerns. Here are some of the major issues people face in family-based immigration cases in Florida.

Delays in Cases

A significant number of immigration cases in Florida take over a year to resolve, which can cause significant headaches and issues for those going through the process. While there is little that can be done during the typical timeframe of eight to 15 months these applications take, if your case has dragged on for years, there can be significant problems faced. From employment and housing to a myriad of other issues, delays in cases can seriously hamper your day to day life.

While the first point of contact should be the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) helpline – which can be reached at (800) 375-5555 – you may not get the results you were hoping for since the operators are merely reading from a script. Your next step may be to set up an appointment with USCIS concerning your case, but if this, too, fails to yield the results needed, you can consider filing suit against USCIS. Often, when a suit is filed, USCIS will resolve the case quickly, rather than face the prospect of a costly lawsuit. Because of the difficulty in resolving delays, you should contact an experienced legal attorney at the Berman Law Group.

Marriage Visa Issues

One of the most commonly reoccurring issues is that of marriage visas. As we have covered before in our immigration blog, if you are a United States citizen and are marrying a non-citizen, you should plan to apply for your marriage visa as soon as possible. The K-1 visa covers those who wish to bring their fiancée into the U.S. to marry. This visa requires that the marriage take place within 90 days of your foreign-born fiancée’s entry into the country.

For those who have married abroad but wish to bring their non-U.S. citizen spouse into the country, the K-3 marriage visa is required. This type of visa allows your spouse to move with you to the U.S., though they will still need to apply for a Green Card within two years of their arrival. While this seems like plenty of time, in reality, the processing time for a K-3 marriage visa can be up to five or six months. This waiting time, combined with the difficulties of moving to and assimilating in a new country, finding employment, and perhaps raising a family, can quickly pass, making early applications the best idea.

Mistakes in Filing

A big issue faced in immigration cases is incorrect filing. It is unfortunately all too common to have a loved one file an immigration application for a family member, only to have their application rejected over technicalities or inaccurate information. When it comes to family immigration, the stakes are far too high to simply file on your own and hope everything goes to plan.

Contact an Experienced Immigration Attorney Today

If you are seeking help with family-based immigration issues in the State of Florida, you should seek expert legal counsel immediately. Make sure you get a trusted and experienced immigration attorney who is willing to fight for your rights. Call The Berman Law Group right now at (800) 375-5555 for your free consultation.

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