Hagens Berman and Berman Law Group: Sugar Industry Spreads Lies about its Toxic Sugarcane Burning Following Florida Residents’ Lawsuit

Attorneys representing Florida residents say they received propaganda mailers from Big Sugar regarding “black snow” air pollution

Attorneys at Hagens Berman and Berman Law Group representing Florida residents in a class-action lawsuit against United States Sugar Corporation say the agricultural giant has launched a misleading public relations offensive falsely claiming that its archaic, environmentally devastating practice of burning sugarcane has no harmful effects on air quality in South Florida – despite clear evidence of what residents call toxic “black snow” ash and pollution.

In misleading mailers sent to Florida residents, U.S. Sugar also claims that the field burning at the center of the lawsuit is necessary to preserve local jobs – an incorrect claim, attorneys say, aimed at saving the sugar industry’s profits, not benefitting locals.


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