In 2016, more than 725,000 Floridians were arrested. Every single day, people are locked up for a wide variety of crimes, including assault, robbery, and more serious violations. No matter what crime you have been arrested for, you need to know how to deal with law enforcement.

What to say to police

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“Sure, you can search my…”

After an arrest, police have the right to protect themselves by searching for weapons or other potential dangers in the immediate vicinity. In addition, they will try to protect the legal case against someone, so that the suspect does not destroy evidence. A search of the person and the person’s surroundings is generally valid, following an arrest and the establishment of probable cause.

Other than that, you should not let police search anything, until your lawyer has given their acceptance. The police are looking to build a case against you, and they are going to exploit any little thing that they can find. Even if you think it is not a big deal, a police officer might. And that can land you in hot water.

“See, what happened was…”

When you are talking to law enforcement, they are looking for information. They might not have the information they need to charge you with what they want to charge you with. If you are talking to the police, it is a good idea to say as little as possible. It may seem like a friendly conversation, but law enforcement is going to be looking for any small hole in your story.

Talking to a Florida defense attorney can help. A lawyer will know the games that the police are playing, and how to beat them. The police are allowed to lie to you, and they have great incentive to do so.

“How much would it take to make this go away?”

Florida defense lawyer

In Florida, bribery is a second degree felony. You have very little chance of successfully bribing a police officer, and we recommend that you not do it. Do not talk about, joke about, or mention bribery. It is only going to land you in greater trouble.

“Screw you, you piece of…”

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Being polite helps in a lot of situations, and that applies to situations where you are talking to a police officer as well. In the best case scenario, they will only treat you slightly more harshly than they otherwise would. In a worst case scenario, they will take it as a threat.

When you are speaking with police, it is a good idea to stay as calm as possible. Try not to lose your cool or respond to any provocations. Keeping your head could be key to staying out of trouble.

“No, I don’t need a lawyer.”

Many people think that just because they are innocent, they do not need a lawyer. This is naïve. Police don’t know the whole story. And if they have enough reason to throw you behind bars, that is usually good enough for them.

Guilty people need a lawyer. Innocent people really need a lawyer. When you are talking with police, you are dealing with someone who has experience with throwing people in jail. They might try to trick you into a false confession, or getting you to say something that you will wind up regretting. A criminal lawyer will be able to help you out.

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